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Defination of website and its type.

What is a website?

Websites are visited by many people everyday, but not many know what they are. Now let’s talk about what is a website?

Understanding web page:-

In order to understand what a website is we first need to understand what web pages are. Web pages are nothing special. They are written with following three languages: HTML, CSS and Java Script. HTML are used to describe the structure of the web pages. CSS is used to design purposes.  And finally Java Script it is used to make the boring static web page more dynamic. So a it is nothing but a bunch of webpage.

Defination of a website:-

In simple terms a website is a collection of documents or files that one can access through the internet. Now in order to be able to look at a website people use a program called a browser. The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. A browsers job is to make the code into something that the user can look at and use.

Where the websites come from? How does the browser get the information for them?

Well the documents or files that make up websites are stored or hosted on computers called servers. The server’s job is to host the information files and make them available to be sent whenever they are requested. When you tell your browser to look at a website it sends a request to the server where the it is hosted through the internet. The server responds by sending information for that page back to your browser which displays it so you can see it. To coordinate all of these any device that connects to the internet is given a unique address this is called an IP address.

IP addresses usually look something like Now for most people remembering an IP address isn’t very easy. So to help with this names that are easier to remember are used to substitute for the IP addresses. These names are called Domain names. That way instead of trying to remember something like the IP address all one has to remember is a name.

How a website is created?

Creating a website for your own is not as difficult and confusing as it seems like. It can be created in five easy steps.

First you have to select a name for your website, commonly known as domain name. The name has to be easy and attractive and should connect to the purpose of creating it. Once the availability is checked we have to go the next step. The next step is hosting and domain. Hosting and domain are the two things we need for launching your website.

  • Hosting is the place where your website’s files will e stored.
  • Domain is the name of your website.

So you have to get your domain name registered with a registering service and then connect that with the hosting service. Now comes the third step, to install WordPress. WordPress is used because with WordPress it is very easy to customise your website as per your choice without knowing any programming or coding.  So next, in order to easily edit it, new themes can be installed.  So the new theme is called “Astra”.  This helps to customise your web page

To edit any page of your web page:

  1. Go into that page.
  2. Click edit with Elementor
  3. An editing section is opened. You can edit from there.


1.25 billion. That’s not just a number but the number of websites currently in existence and the rate is increasing at an increasing rate. Despite so many of it no two are identical. There are 8 types of websites that serve different purposes. One who wishes to create one of their own first needs to choose the type of website he/she wants.

Primarily they are of 8 types, namely:

  1. eCommerce website:

    An eCommerce website is a website where people directly engage themselves in the process of buying and selling of goods and services. These are purely commercial websites. Big commercial houses and plenty of small houses as well have one. Any website that provide shopping cart and purchase option fall under this type.

Examples of eCommerce websites are Flipkart, Myntra, Ebay, Amazon etc.

  1. Business website:

    This refers to a website that is completely devoted in portraying a specific business and communicates with the browsers the types of product or services the company provide.

Nowadays every big business out there has a website of their own. In this world of web any customer who comes in interaction with a big business house first search that business on the internet and it is expected that every business house will have a website of their own. Any big business house that doesn’t have a website is considered to be less professional than others.

Example of a business website is Bergmeyer.

  1. Entertainment website:

    It is based on entertaining information, pictures, and facts and figures. It main motive is to entertain their browsers.

These websites aim to make money just like eCommerce or business websites do but through advertisements not by selling any good or services.  If you have got ideas for contents that entertaining then nothing is better than a entertainment website to let your content reach the world.

Example of entertainment website is The onions, webcomics etc.


  1. Media Website:

    It refer to websites that deal with news story and reporting. It contains contents based on news and media related stories.

These websites make money either with advertisements, subscription models or some combination of the two. Many media websites are branch of media properties that often exist in other forms like TV channels, newspapers etc.

For example: Washington Post Website.

  1. Brochure website:

    It is a simplified form of Business Website. Unlike business Websites, Brochure websites do not invest much on it. It just gives few pages that contain the basics of what that firm provides.

Example of brochure website is Deck Treatment.

  1. Educational website:

    It refers to those websites that deal educational purposes like providing online classes and tutorials. These websites primarily aim at providing online tutorials to the browsers or providing information about educational institute.

Some educational sites will advertisements like other websites do, while some other offers subscription for educational plans.

Example of educational website is courser.

  1. Personal website:

    Not all web pages are formed for commercial purposes. Some are formed for personal uses like putting up one’s personal thoughts, ideas etc.

Sometimes these websites become a source of income if it becomes popular enough. But primarily it is formed to publish one’s personal creativity.

  1. Web Portal:

    Web portals are often websites designed for internal purposes at a business organisation, or institution.

They collect different information from different sources and make available to the people when they need it.  It often involve login or personalised view that ensure the information is accessible to a particular need.

Example of web portals is NAPA, Onapp etc.


Whatever type of website one chooses to create, it’s important to think through what they want from it and make sure they design it based on the particular goals they have in mind. And one of the first things one needs to figure out before it goes live is where to host it.

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