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Hostwind Web Hosting: Review on Hostwind Web Hosting 2023

What our experts have to say

Hostwind Web Hosting Provider provides both widows a Linux hosting and has great uptime. Its plans include Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting. Along with all these, it assures a 60-day money-back guarantee and great customer support.

About Hostwind Web Hosting company

If you are looking for a flexible, powerful web hosting then Hostwind should be on your list. It provides a range of VPS, shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting, leaving great options for you.

Hostwind’s basic shared hosting plans start from just $3.29/mo on an annual subscription. This plan comes with an array of features that include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, databases, and sub-domains.   So you can guess what all you will get n such a low price.


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Services offered by Hostwind

Not 1 or 2, nearly 7 types of hosting services are offered by Hostwind. 

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Business Hosting (also shared)
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Dedicated Server Hosting
  6. Managed Hosting
  7. Unmanaged Hosting

Let’s discuss few important plans in details

1. Shared hosting:

There are 2 divisions under shared hosting, i.e. shared hosting plans and business hosting plans.

Shared hosting plans offer 3 plans: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. And Business hosting plans also offer 3 plans the same as shared hosting. But the features provided are different from each other.

a. Shared Hosting plans

hostwind-sharedhosting-hostingdark (1)

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b. Business Hosting Plans

hostwind-businesshosting-hostingdark (1)

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2. Cloud Web Hosting:

With cloud hosting, you can create an instance on Hostwind’s cloud servers in which your site data can be stored.

hostwind-cloud-hostingdark (1)

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3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting:

VPS hosting begins at $5.17 per month with Windows hosting costing $7.99 per month.

Hostwind-vps-hostingdark (1)

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4. Dedicated Hosting:

Along with VPS hosting, Hostwind also provides a range of dedicated hosting plans to its customers for their websites.

hostwind-dedicated-hostingdark (1)

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Pros and Cons of Hostwind Web Hosting

Pros Cons
1. High uptime 1. The refund has some conditions
2. Good customer support 2. Cancellation is a bit difficult
3. Good VPS hosting plans 3. Limited data server option
4. Huge range of services
5. 60 Day money-back guarantee 



To get a basic idea of Hostwinds performance, all we did was installed a simple static website on a Hostwinds shared hosting account, then used Uptime.com to monitor its availability and response times over a span of 10 days. This generated 2,000+ data points with an average response time of 290ms, but in the range, one can expect for basic shared hosting. Most of the providers provide nearly 200-400ms uptime. So Hostwind has a fair uptime.

Customer support

Hostwind comes up with 24/7 customer support that includes live chat and ticket base3d customer support. The customer support is very friendly and there to help at any time of the day. Along with that, they have a 60-day money refund policy where you are entitled to get a refund if you do not like their service. However, the refund and cancellation take time.


Hostwind provides an array of hosting choices for their customers so that they do not look for other providers. Great uptime and good customer support can be your reasons to choose Hostwind. We highly recommend this hosting company.


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