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HostPapa Web Hosting: Review on HostPapa Web Hosting 2023

What our experts have to say

HostPapa is a web hosting provider that offers a few good features in its hosting plans and is ideal for most small businesses. Its low starting costs mean most people can afford its cheapest plans, although its renewal costs can be pretty high. The review on HostPapa Web Hosting will give you an insight into this web hosting provider.


About HostPapa Web Hosting company

HostPapa is the number one web hosting provider in America and is currently hosting 500 thousand sites. Customers can benefit from a wide range of features and services delivered by a team of experts at various levels ranging from hosting setup and website building to domain registration and marketing. Unlike many other hosting providers HostPapa is a full-cycle company that actually lets its users build, maintain, and promote their business from the ground. HostPapa offers several shared website hosting plans which provide unlimited domains and sub-domains, with 500 to 1000MB limited individual email, MySQL, cPanel access, and private name services as well.

As committed by HostPapa to use green energy, it uses 100% renewable energy to power data centers, web servers, office computers, laptops, and office spaces, limiting its carbon emissions.


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Is HostPapa easy to use?

HostPapa does not provide monthly billing and there is no option for a free trial. That is why it is difficult to check its interface. But we can discuss its plans to understand how much user friendly the provider is.

Once you choose which plan to go for there is a sidebar that calculates your total that you need to pay. Next, you get to the domain name sign-up section where you can pay for domain privacy, which shields your personal information from WHOIS domain databases. Then you provide your personal details for the billing and payment. The whole process of selecting a plan is pretty easy and will not cause any difficulty for you.

Plans of HostPapa Web Hosting

  1. Starter Plan:

The starter plans start from Rs.99/mo. With this plan, you can host two websites, get 100GB of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. You also get all of their “Essential Features,” including a free site migration, Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate, and access to 400+ web apps.

  1. Business Plan:

The Business plans start from Rs.199/mo. This one allows you to host unlimited websites, free domain registration, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. It, too, offers the Essential Features, as well as Advanced Features like unlimited add-on domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

  1. Business Pro Plan:

The Business Pro starts from Rs.699/mo. With this, you get unlimited websites, free domain registration, unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, plus both Essential and Advanced Features.


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Pros of HostPapa Web Hosting

  1. Fast page load:

The faster your website loads the better. Research has revealed that most site visitors will abandon your website if it fails to load within 2 seconds or less. HostPapa loads page for its users really fast.

  1. Good customer support:

Web hosting providers have to be particular about their customer support. HostPapa provides 24 – hour support to its customers.  It provides video tutorials, live chats, guide tutorials to their customers.

  1. Reliable Web Hosting:

HostPapa has a reliable hosting infrastructure and maintains the highest standards when it comes to securing their data centers. Intel Server products power all HostPapa equipment and a fully-featured Cisco-powered network ensure your site’s data is fully secure.

  1. Good uptime:

The team at HostPapa wants to give you a 100% uptime guarantee. But the nice thing about them is that they understand that because of the way shared hosting is set up, this is not only unrealistic, it’s wrong to promise.

  1. 30-day money-back guarantee:

HostPapa offers 30 days money-back scheme. According to this scheme if a customer does not like their hosting then they will get their full money refund.

  1. Use of Green Energy:

They promote the development and use of wind and solar energy by purchasing green energy certificates. This is to offset the power being used in both their data centers and offices.

Cons of HostPapa Web Host

  1. High renewal rates:

At first glance, HostPapa seems like a very cost-effective hosting provider, especially because it’s a green web host, which can bump up prices significantly. In addition, it’s customary for hosting providers to have exceptionally low signup prices to encourage more people to start using them. Then, after a year of satisfactory service, the hosting provider then jacks up the monthly prices and hopes most people renew. HostPapa is one of them.

  1. Some features missing:

HostPapa’s initial feature set seems strong for small business owners. However, some important features are missing that include Automatic backups are a premium service, data center locations are quite limited. 


HostPapa is a solid good hosting solution and is beginner-friendly. It’s also good for those who are running small businesses. The feature set is good enough to get the job done, but not very welcoming to those that just don’t need that much.





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