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BlueHost Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know About This Provider.

What our experts have to say:

BlueHost is said to be one of the best web hosting providers in the world. With time it grew as a leading web hosting provider. BlueHost Web Hosting provides a large number of hosting plans for both beginners and businessmen. It comes with 24/7 customer support which is said to be excellent. Here’s a BlueHost WebHosting Review from our expert.


But before that let us give you a bottom line on why to choose this hosting provider? It is affordable, reliable, fast, and gives 24/7 customer support. Now let’s delve deep to know in detail why we recommend BlueHost.

About the company

BlueHost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet (4,600 m sq) facility in Orem, Utah. BlueHost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility. This provider offers services including shared hosting, BlueHost WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WooCommerce hosting. Their servers are powered by PHP 7, HTTP/2, and NGINX+ caching.


BlueHost in India:

BlueHost India is here to offer the localized hosting experience to Indian users. It is a dedicated version of BlueHost for Indian users but with a different domain extension. This enables Indian users to choose between the Indian version and the global version (BlueHost.in).

Ease of Use:

BlueHost uses cPanel, which is one of the easiest hosting panels that you can come across. In 2020 they have refurbished their dashboard to make it WordPress centric. You can still access cPanel from BlueHost Dashboard, but you will never have to use it with a new advanced BlueHost dashboard.


1. Shared Hosting

Basic Plus Choice Plus Pro
Website 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Space 50GB SSD Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Included Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Regular Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $6.95/mo $13.95/mo
Discounted Price $7.99/mo $14.99/mo $14.99/mo $23.99/mo

You can check the plans here BlueHost.Com

2. Virtual Private Network (VPS)

Standard Enhanced Unlimited
Core 2 cores 2 cores 4 cores
Storage 30 GB SSD Storage 60 GB SSD Storage 120 GB SSD Storage
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth
IP Address 1 IP Address 2 IP Address 2 IP Address
Regular Price $29.99/mo $59.99/mo $119.99/mo
Discounted Price $19.99/mo $29.99/mo $59.99/mo

You can check the plans here BlueHost.Com

3. Dedicated Server

Standard Enhanced Premium
Core 4 cores  4 cores  4 cores
Storage 500 GB (Mirrored) Storage 1 TB (Mirrored) Storage 1 TB (Mirrored) Storage
Bandwidth 5 TB Bandwidth 10 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth
IP Address 3 IP Address 4 IP Address 5 IP Address
Regular Price $119.99/mo $159.99/mo $209.99/mo
Discounted Price $79.99/mo $99.99/mo $119.99/mo

You can check the plans here BlueHost.com

BlueHost Monthly payment option:

BlueHost only offers the following terms for hosting purchase:

  1. 12 months
  2. 24 months
  3. 36 months
  4. 60 months

Unfortunately, it does not offer a monthly payment option. However, here is a few monthly billing hosting.

BlueHost Domains:

When it comes to building brand awareness and establishing trust and relationships in your business, a domain name email address can go a long way. When you purchase a hosting plan from BlueHost, you have the option of signing up for your own domain name email address.

Each Domain includes:

  • Easy Management: You can manage your domain and all of its aspect from an easy to use cPanel.
  • Auto-renewal: Auto-renewal enables you to not lose your domain o allow it to expire. You can also switch back to the manual.
  • Domain Lock: Once you find your perfect domain, lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers.

BlueHost Domains

Pros of BlueHost Web Hosting:

1.Affordable plans :

The first good thing about this is it is cheap. It provides low rates for hosting services. Its hosting plan starts at just $3.95/month which is quite feasible. They provide both domain name and hosting service at an exciting deal.

Check the most affordable plans on BlueHost.com

2. Enough storage:

Their shared hosting plan provides a lot of storage for one user to run their website sufficiently.

3. Best Uptime:

Uptime is one the most important aspects when choosing a web host – after all, if your site is down, your users can’t access it. So consistently good uptime should be one of your top priorities.

Here’s the monthly breakdown of the past 6-months:

June 2020 average uptime: 100%

May 2020 average uptime: 99.94%

April 2020 average uptime: 99.98%

March 2020 average uptime: 99.96%

February 2020 average uptime: 99.99%

January 2020 average uptime: 99.99%


4. Good security options:

Even though this hosting provider is one of the “cheaper” options on the market, the customers have been pleased to see that they don’t cut too many corners or skimp on critical features like security. Beyond the included security features, BlueHost also provides access to a huge number of different apps and integrations so that one can use the most popular services on the web.

5. “Official” wordPress.org recommended Host:

BlueHost WordPress is the most widely used website platform on the market. And they only “officially” recommend three hosting partners to use with a WordPress site among which BlueHost WordPress is one.

6. Easy to use cPanel:

The layout of BlueHost’s control panel (cPanel) makes it easy to use. You just need to point and click in most cases.

7. Great Customer Support:

This provider offers everything from a knowledge base, to live chat, email ticket support, and even phone support.

Cons of BlueHost Web Hosting:

1. High Renewal Rates:

It’s common knowledge that to secure the best price, you should prepay a few years upfront. Even though the monthly price for this provider is low, prepaying for an extended period is an effective way to avoid fluctuating renewal rates always. If you prepay three years at $2.75, you get a better price. However, the prices always jump back to ‘regular’ pricing, which can reach rates of $7.99-$8.99 per month.

2. Migration not free:

Many websites take zero charges is migrating your site. But that is not the case with BlueHost. It takes a fair amount when you migrate your site.

eCommerce Support:

It is very easy to set up an eCommerce website with BlueHost. This is because it offers many different shopping carts: Zen, Cube, Agora, and OS Commerce. You get SSL security for your transactions, a certificate generated for free, and Open PGP/GPG Encryption.

The $200 in free marketing credits is also a big help to you as a store owner. You can use these to promote your business through Google, Facebook, Bing, and Twitter.


Having said these BlueHost is not the best host when it comes to your eCommerce website. There are other hosts that make your task easier. But BlueHost is a budget-friendly choice.

For more queries check out BlueHost eCommerce

Is BlueHost ideal for beginners?

Now that you’ve made it through some of this review, you’re maybe wondering if BlueHost is the right hosting company for you, especially if you’re a beginner.

It has been ranked as the top hosting provider among a large community of websites and this platform has a wide range of hosting plans, reliable features, and responsive customer service. Because of this, BlueHost is a platform well-suited to beginners. Each one of the hosting plans comes with 24/7 access to customer support from a team of experts.

Affiliate Programme:

BlueHost Affiliate Programme is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs of all.  It powers more than 2 million websites online and is the No. 1 recommended hosting provider by WordPress. With 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, and free domain name registration, this web hosting provider is a powerhouse.

This guide on the BlueHost affiliate program gives you everything you need to make more money with their program this year.


The world outside provides ample options for hosting your website. But you need to choose from the best. According to our verdict, the best web hosting provider is BlueHost web hosting. It provides affordable plans, great uptime, and a really good 24/7 customer support. It is always our recommendation for web hosting.





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