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A2 Web Hosting: A2 Web Hosting review 2023

Quick Overview about A2 Web Hosting

Speed:  317ms (October 2019 to March 2021 average)

Uptime: 99.93% (February 2018 to January 2021 average)

Features: Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage, Free SSL, Anytime Money Back

Hosting plans: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated Servers

Support: 24/7 Live Chat

Apps: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento

Site transfer: Single Free Site Transfer

Pricing: Starting at $2.99/mo (renews at $8.99/mo)

About A2 Web Hosting company

A2 Hosting is a high performance hosting company located in Ann Arbor and founded in 2003. Their fast hosting services range from shared, Virtual Private Service (VPS) hosting, managed VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting servers. Here’s a review of A2 hosting.    


A2 Hosting is a quality Linux Hosting Company. They offer affordable VPS, shared reseller, and dedicated hosting solutions. They offer top-notch, real support from their customer service team they call the Guru Crew. Another aspect that sets them apart from their competitors is their aptitude for remaining n the cutting edge for the technologies that they support (including PHP, MySQL, and many more).

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Hosting services offered by A2 Hosting


  1. Shared Hosting

The shared web hosting service offered by A2 Hosting is extremely fast and swift. Your customers won’t have to wait to load your page and that is for sure. Their ultra-reliable, high-performance web hosting is here to help you and your sites succeed. You can even choose to host on their Turbo Servers for page load speeds up to 20X faster than those competing hosting solutions.

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  1. WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a special kind of hosting that A2 Hosting provides. The plans may be a bit expensive compared to its other plans but the features are more appealing.

  • Auto WordPress setup.
  • Up to 2X faster than other hosting providers.
  • Staging server

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  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting is like shared hosting in that multiple sites exist on the same server. A2’s Managed VPS (starting at $25/mo) offers a base Power+ plan that has 4GB of RAM, 75GB of storage, 2TB of monthly data transfers. A2’s top-level Pinnacle+ plan has 8GB of storage, 150GB of storage, and 4TB of monthly data transfers. The plans come with the HostGuard Management service.

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  1. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are the most powerful web hosting offerings around, as your website shares zero server resources with other sites. If you expect a large amount of website traffic, you should spring for dedicated hosting.

A2 has many Linux-powered dedicated server packages. The managed (starting at $141.09), unmanaged (starting at $99.59/mo), and Core Flex (starting at $141.9/mo) servers all have at least two CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 10TB of monthly data transfers, and two 500GB hard drives. They mainly differ in their abilities to let you obtain root access and use HostGuard Management.

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Pros of A2 Hosting

A2-Hosting-Pros-Hosting-Dark (1)

  1. 2X faster:

In this age of web audience and multi-device connections, speed plays a vital role. While there are a lot of variables in play with the website speed, it’s primarily the hosting server’s job to send the requested files to the visitor’s browser as quickly and as efficiently as possible. A2 Hosting provides a 2X faster page load compared to other hosting providers.

  1. Globally focused:

Other than speed, A2 Hosting scores well as a globally focused host that can efficiently serve websites around the world. While there are lots of factors in website speed (like TTFB), the physical location of one’s server matters a lot. Requests for information travel over physical wires to a physical server. Even at light speed, distance matters, especially if one owns or maintains a site or if your visitors need to load up many different files. A2 Hosting has its data centers in different parts of the world.  

  1. Great customer service:

As mentioned in other reviews customer service is essential and needs to be taken care of. A2 hosting also succeeds in taking care of their customers. They have an extensive knowledge base, live chat, and even Skype access. They do well-triaging requests via social media.

  1. Customized plans:

The major advantage of A2 Hosting is that their focus on hosting features and customizations. They are not only a full-spectrum hosting company with products tailored for nearly every need but they also have a focus on the exact features that one gets with their plans.

  1. Free ‘HackScan” for security:

Online, speed, and security don’t always go well together. That’s because extra scanning, firewalls, or layers of encryption can often slow users down. A2 Hosting has managed to be lightning-fast while not dropping the ball on security, either. Their servers are protected by “HackScan,” a 24/7-monitoring service that scans for malware and other attacks day-in, day-out.

Cons of A2 Web Hosting

  1. High renewal price:

First, their renewal pricing is only valid for 2-year plans. If you only want to pay annually – their renewal pricing is a bit higher. Second, their Start-up plan is pretty heavily capped. It’s really suitable for literally one website with no additional use cases.

  1. Bonus features missing:

A2 Hosting doesn’t include some key “bonus” features that their competitors do include. Things like backups, dedicated IP addresses, “performance”, “priority support” and spam filtering all get bucketed as upsells rather than as pre-packaged features.

  1. Upsell not up to the mark:

Upsells are not inherently a “bad” thing. If presented well, they can be useful. But upsells need to be clear, useful, and presented well. While not as bad as some big brand competitors, A2 Hosting does not do upsells well.

A2 Domains

At A2 Hosting, provide fast, easy, and affordable domain registration. They have lots of domain names which is ideal for you.  Along with registration they also provide:

  1. Transfer
  2. Buy domain name
  3. Email forward
  4. Most popular solutions for your website.

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Affiliate program of A2 Hosting

How to be an affiliate of A2 Hosting? here are the 3 easy steps to sign up:

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program.
  2. Access your affiliate account once you are approved for the program. There you’ll find your customized affiliate link. Copy and paste your A2 Hosting marketing material onto your website, emails, and newsletter.
  3. Earn commission each time a new customer clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and purchases a new hosting package.

A2-hosting-affiliate-Hosting-Dark (1)

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A2 Hosting has consistently delivered the best speed for the last several years. Their customer support is friendly and helpful. All shared plans come with a free SSL certificate and one free migration. Also, their uptime is not too bad. Along with all these, they are independently owned which means they have complete control over their server.

So yes we highly recommend A2 Hosting.



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