Understand free web hosting before choosing

What is web hosting?

Behind a successful website domain and host contribute equally. There is a simple explanation. Imagine your house to be a website, then the address of your house will be the domain and your house itself will be web hosting.  Similarly, web hosting is computers where websites and their files and documents are stored. It is a service that allows individuals or organizations to create a website or web page on the internet. It works as a storehouse of the website.

Owning a website has become a very important thing these days. There are many who want to know can we host our websites for free, and the answer is YES. There are many providers that provide us free website hosting.

The “Truth” about free web hosting

In today’s era, we want everything to be easy, quick, and free. And while running behind all these we tend to forget the main thing: quality.

There is nothing as a free website hosting. The free web hosts also need to bring their revenue somehow. They cannot run for free in real.  So for that, they may not charge you, but they may display various ads on your website.

Secondly, since you are provided with a free website, a few cons follow. Among them one is when things go wrong; you cannot hold any provider responsible. Adding to that many free hosted websites are not secure enough. There are chances that you might end up losing important data on your website.

There are many providers that provide great hosting, at reasonable prices. You can check them out as well.

Here’s a complete list of 3 most cheap web hosting providers of 2020.

Top 3 free web hosting providers

  1. Infinityfree

Disk space: Unlimited | Domain hosting: Unlimited | Monthly traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth | Subdomains: Unlimited | Email accounts: 10 | FTP accounts: 1 | MySQL databases: 400


Among all free web hosting providers, Infinityfree stands out to be the best in overall performance. It is the fasted free web hosting in the world with no forced ads and completely free of cost. Along with that it provides 99.9% uptime and provides domain names and domain transfer as well.

Visit Infinityfree here

  1. Byethost

Disk space: 5GB | Domain hosting: 1 | Monthly traffic: Unlimited | Subdomains: 7 | Email accounts: 5 | FTP accounts: 1 | MySQL databases: 5

byethost-hosting-dark (1)

This is said to be a free and easy web hosting provider. This provider also provides completely free web hosting. Their hosting runs with their in-house software and provides various types of hosting. From dedicated servers, VPS servers, WHM reseller plans, free web hosting, or free reseller hosting, they guarantee you will be more than satisfied with their service. And currently, they are hosting more than 1 million websites.

Visit Byethost here

  1. Googiehost

Disk space: 1GB | Domain hosting: 1 | Monthly traffic: Unlimited | Subdomains: 2 | Email accounts: 2 | FTP accounts: 2 | MySQL databases: 2

googiehost-hosting-dark (1)Googiehost claims themselves to be a completely free web hosting provider and also provides website building. They have an easy to use cPanel and provides the domain for free. This is also a better option if you are planning for a free host.

Visit Googiehost here


Free web hosting is never our suggestion, but still, if you wish for one you can choose anyone from the above-mentioned providers. You will at least better. But you can never get things equal to what you get in the paid subscription.




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