Review on InMotion Web Hosting

Quick Overview on InMotion Web Hosting

Support 24/7

 Help is available, in multiple forms (email, chat, phone). Knowledgebase has guides for almost any topic imaginable.


InMotion Hosting has plans for sites of every size and complexity. As your site grows, you can upgrade your plan accordingly.


Servers have SSDs built-in to improve speed. You can also select your data center on VPS or business class plans.


About InMotion Web Hosting company

InMotion Hosting is an employee-owned and operated domain name registrar and web hosting company that was founded back in 2001. At InMotion Hosting, they both own and operate the web hosting servers. However, all of the data located on their servers belongs to them. The company provides a wide range of web hosting solutions, including business class hosting, VPS hosting, personal/cheap hosting, and dedicated servers. It also offers custom web design for clients.

InMotion provides a perfect blend of low price and technical good, you can expect excellent uptime, speed, performance, and technical features when you sign up and become a customer.

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Services provided by InMotion Web Hosting

  1. Professional Email Address
  2. eCommerce Web Hosting
  3. Data Backup
  4. PCI Compliance
  5. Website Security & Free SSL
  6. Professional Website Design Services
  7. Website Builder
  8. Reseller Web Hosting Solutions


Plans of InMotion Web Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting


Check their shared hosting plans here

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

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Check their VPS Hosting plans here

3. Dedicated Server

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Check their Dedicated Hosting plans here

Pros of InMotion Web Hosting

  1. 90-Day money-back guarantee

If a customer uses this web hosting service and does not like it then he is entitled to get his full money back. InMotion offers a 90-day money-back scheme for their users if they are unsatisfied with their service.

  1. They are great at taking care of their customer:-

Standard support procedure at InMotion Hosting includes:

  • Unparallel 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Multiple support channels (ticket system, Skype, phone, live chat, emails)
  • Easy refunds or account cancellations

They are well known for their customer service. InMotion Hosting Inc. has been BBB Accredited since 2003 and has an A+ with BBB Business Review.

  1. Free site migration

No matter which hosting plan one is taking up with InMotion Hosting, they offer all new customers free site migration.

  1. Wide range of plans

InMotion Hosting has a very wide range of plans that one can gradually upgrade to as one grow. There is also the option of switching to VPS or dedicated hosting plans if the customer feels that the shared plans are still too restrictive for them.

  1. Ideal for eCommerce

This provider is one of the few web hosts with active partnerships between Prestashop and other leading eCommerce services. They make your eCommerce experience even better by providing easy integrations with payment processors.

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Cons of InMotion Web hosting

  1. High renewal rates

When one is just signing in with InMotion Hosting, they pay cut-rate fees and both the customer and the host are happy. Unfortunately, that only lasts the length of their first contract. When it comes time to renew, the customer faces full-fee rates.

  1. A little delay in the account activation

To prevent fraud, InMotion doesn’t practice instant account activation. That means that one needs to verify via phone before they activate your account – a slight problem for those living outside of the US.

  1. Limited hosting options

InMotion Hosting users are limited to host their websites in the United States only. One does get to choose between Los Angeles (West) or Washington D.C. (East) when they order their plan – but that’s it.

  1. Slow uptime

Fast loading times aren’t just great for user experience. Speed is also factored into Google’s algorithm for dictating where in the rankings you’ll show up. How fast your page loads has one of the biggest impacts on your bottom line, forcing half your traffic to bounce if it doesn’t load within two seconds.

Unfortunately, InMotion’s average page loading time of 824ms isn’t very impressive.

InMotion domains

Each of HostGator’s domain registration includes:

  • Secure Domain Locking
  • Easy Management
  • Automatic Domain Renewal
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Domain Privacy Available
  • Add Hosting or Design Services Anytime

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InMotion Domain


InMotion is a good blend of low price and technical innovation and one can expect good speed and good uptime. InMotion is a good option to choose from when it comes to hosting.  We would recommend you to use HostGator without any further thought.





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